The beauty of Metal industrial desk lamps

April 28, 2016

Vintage Industrial Desk Lamps serve as a source of light, but many of them have few more functions. Some of them represent a unique design related to past times, which gives them special charm. This is the case with industrial desk lamps that you can find online or buy from passionate collectors. Yes, there are collectors of lamps and they give full attention to this kind of devices. No matter how you get your lamp, you can be sure that it will give additional beauty to your workspace.

vintage industrial desk lamps

industrial desk and table lamps

Metal Vintage Lamp Styles

There are so many varieties in this area of design, but one thing is common for all of them. It is vintage design with huge similarity to the twentieth century models of lamps. If you are a fan of vintage and old stuff, choose the right lamp in this style. Most parts are made of steel and iron, which gives them durability to last for years and sometimes, decades. Some lamps that were used by our grandfathers are still present and popular among people. It is a proof of quality and timeless resistance. They maybe lay in some attic waiting for you to click that light button and bring them to life. You could be surprised with the beauty they offer.

vintage industrial desk lamps

industrial desk and table lamps

The Bespoke Furniture Design

Like a metal industrial desk are produced by modern manufacturers, because people like that design. Companies mimic the old pieces when it comes to materials, type of colors and bulbs. This way, we get new lamp with old design. Technology has changed and the history of lamp producing has changed too. Nowadays, industrial desk lamps have USB ports and possibility to plug into your computer. Looking back, this was a science fiction in the time of Edison, but his type of bulbs did not change the design. You can still find it today and bring some spirit of old times into your home.

Ideal for Desks and Tables

There are many styles that you can find on the market. Russell Oak and Steel Lamps come with only one bulb or with many of them like 8, 10 or more bulbs. Multiple metal bulbs provide more light, so your work will be easier. Metal Industrial desk lamps are the right choice if you want to get unique design and usefulness. It is a proof of a refined taste for beauty. If you decide to get one, be sure that everyone will notice the difference on your desk. These lamps have a story behind and the owner has to reveal it.


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