Where To Find Unique Custom Industrial Bookcases

The Best Custom Industrial Bookcases On The Market Today

In the current world, people would rather go online to research on something, or get e-books of their favourite novels rather than purchase actual books. There are benefits to this of course, as you need not carry heavy books with you. And since there is no need for printed pages, trees are saved from being made into paper. All that’s left is to buy them perfect custom industrial bookcases.

However, there is something special about reading an actual book and preserving it for the next generation. Wouldn’t it be lovely to read to your child a story from a book that was read to you when you were younger? At the very least, a good book can provide you with entertainment in the event of a power outage.

With proper care, books can last a lifetime, sometimes even longer. In case, over the years, you have amassed a significant number of books, it would be a great idea to get a bookcase to house your precious collection.

When looking for industrial bookcases, consider the following questions:

What kind of books will you be putting on the shelves? Will you be displaying thick and heavy hardbound books, slim paperbacks, or textbooks? Who is the bookcase for specifically? Is it for the whole family, your kids, or just for you and your spouse? Where in your house are you planning to put the bookcase?
Will you be putting it in your library or reading room, living room, or in the bedroom? Will, you use the bookcase exclusively for books or are you planning to put a few display items in it?
custom industrial bookcases

What Bookcase To Choose Right Away

There is a wide variety of bookcases that you can choose from. You can narrow it down to two major types: open front bookcases, and bookcases with doors.


Since they come with doors, they are more expensive. The upside of having doors is that they protect books from dust and humidity. Doors on a bookcase are usually hinged on the side.

However, some traditional bookcases are hinged on top. These type of custom industrial bookcases is called Barrister; because they prevent books from spilling out when a barrister has to change chambers.


When you have decided on the type of bookcase you would want to have, you can then choose the material. Will your bookcase be made of wood, metal or plastic?

Simple, contemporary wooden bookcases fit most home designs, be it for living room or library. Plastic bookcases, on the other hand, would be a perfect addition to your child’s room. Choose the material that best suits your home, and/or the user’s personality and lifestyle. Visit RussellOakandsteel for more options to buy.